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Ed Hoy’s International: Bringing Glass to the World

Ed Hoy’s International is the unrelenting dream and experiment of our founder, Mr. Ed Hoy himself. We not only sell art glass to hundreds of artists, galleries, architects, and designers, we work to inspire them.

Our Mission and Vision

We work to bring beautiful glass into the lives of anyone and everyone, offering fresh opportunities to expand your creative expression through what we believe is the most powerful medium for change: art.

We see the world through a different lens, and we want to encourage the same in new, aspiring, and seasoned artists alike. With thousands of art glass and fusible glass options,  glass-working accessories, tools, and fusing supplies there’s no limit to what our customers can do with glass.

Our aim is simple, work to provide the glass art community we know and love all of the supplies, education, and confidence it takes to reach new levels of expression and beauty in glass art.

Supporting a Stronger Community of Glass Artists Through Quality Glass Art Supplies, Classes, and Events | Ed Hoy's International

Education: Helping Artists Produce the Stuff of Dreams

Our art glass classes bring new techniques with real-world applications to the fore, giving glass artists and newcomers alike the opportunity to expand their fusing, flameworking, and coldworking techniques in a fun and safe learning environment. Browse our upcoming classes to discover your next masterpiece.

Bringing Glass Art to the Fore

Through education, service, and selection we aim to build a stronger community for glass artists and foster a greater appreciation for glass around the world. From hosting events with national brands to helping teachers inspire their students to explore art glass. Our initiatives here in the greater Chicago area are just the beginning of a ripple effect that we believe will have a lasting effect on the art world at large.

Join us in our mission to make the world a more beautiful place. Find all of your favorite art glass tools and materials in our online store at shop.edhoy,com! We service all levels of customers from retail – wholesale!

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